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About TRAXX Electronic Music Network

TRAXX.COM is an integrated online music platform that brings together electronic dance music enthusiasts on one social media network. TRAXX provides a wide variety of opportunities to reach like-minds within the dance music world. TRAXX brings you the communications bridge to create the Electronic Music Network of creative artists and appreciative loyal fans. As TRAXX grows we will always provide music technology news, events and marketing opportunities with viral media channels to launch aspiring and established artists.

For our community members we provide promotional power through extensive interactive features and beyond. Digital social engagement and fan building solutions are at the core of our offerings. DJs can play their mixes, display their skills through community rated charts and announce their gigs to fans all on one site. Producers can sell their tracks in the music store which allows artists and fans to support veteran and up and coming new talent. Fans along with Artists can discuss, network and share thoughts and praises through blogs and forums. The concept model is to not have to go to several locations on the web to enjoy one music passion.

TRAXX is a collaboration of the dance music culture and lifestyle. Meet the talent and the sounds of the community as we create the network, history and the future of dance music.